One and All Aid – Continuing to fund schools in Iraq through community spirit in Penzance

Seven years ago, the terror group, Isis, committed genocide against the Yezidi people in northern Iraq and Kurdistan. Their homes were destroyed, young women and children were sold as slaves and men and older women were brutally murdered. Today, many Yezidis are still enslaved and others are living in makeshift tents and are displaced.

One and All Aid have set up and are funding two school projects for approximately 300 children – these schools have been funded by the generosity of people in the Penzance area.

One and All Aid collect donations of goods from local people. They have a fifteen month (minimum) lease on their current premises in the Greenmarket. They took the lease over at the beginning of June 2021 and will continue into 2022.

As well as input and donations from people in Penzance, One and All Aid work with other charities. Pre pandemic, you will remember that their shop was at the top of Morrab Road. During the pandemic they shipped out jumbo vans of necessary items to France and Greece and multiple pallets of goods to Iraq.

One and All Aid is run by charity trustees; James Batty, Shelley Meister and Libby Pentreath. The shop is dog friendly and is a great place to browse and bag a bargain!

Very recently, Libby, who is a singer/songwriter, recorded a CD EP of four songs – one being ‘A new home’ which is a song especially written for the children the charity supports. There are three other original songs on the EP.

The CD is available in the shop for £5 – with profits going directly to the children that are supported through the charity.

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