Children at Pensans launch into a new year!

Children at Pensans have started a new year with a fantastic set of launches and immersive environments into their new projects.

Phase 1 this term will be answering the question, ‘How does a ship wreck?’
They had a great time on their launch day at the Maritime Museum where they got to meet the Captain of the Titanic, race their own model ships and explore some artefacts from Cornish families who were involved in the sinking of the doomed liner.

Phase 2 visited the Eden Project to begin answering, ’How can your shopping list save the rainforest?’.
They researched different foods made using ingredients grown in the rainforest, with a special emphasis on palm oil. Children learnt that many animals are becoming endangered due to deforestation and the farming of palm oil. Their goal is to see if they can help prevent this by writing tocompanies who use palm oil as a main ingredient, to see if they can change to something more sustainable.

Phase 3 are excited about our new project! They launched it by creating a mixed-media mood map and 3D model answering our essential question: What is the story of Native America? Immersed in our setting of teepees, fire-lit story circle, totem poles, waterfalls and dream catchers, They have
been able to capture a cultural experience which will culminate in legacy sensory story sacks to share with the community.

If you would like to find out more or visit us please phone the school on: 01736 363 627.

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