St Ives September Festival 2019 starting tomorrow

The annual St Ives September Festival is a two- week celebration of music and the arts. This year’s festival runs from the 14th to the 28th of September.

The festival began in a back kitchen in Teetotal Street in September 1977, bringing together the diverging interests of several arts and music professionals. The first festival, which took place in 1978, was already ambitious in its scope and covered folk music, dance, fine arts, chamber music, poetry, arts & crafts and theatre, and it even featured a very young Nigel Kennedy!

St Ives September Festival has continued ever since, with a few short breaks and with different organisations responsible for arranging the programme. It has always been an integral part of the town’s cultural life with locals and visitors returning year after year to enjoy the wide range of events on offer.

This year’s calendar of events includes live music and poetry, free art exhibitions, open studios and guided walks around St Ives. With a full fortnight of events you’re bound to find something for everyone to enjoy.

To book tickets and for a full list of the festival’s events please visit:

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