Pensans School goes Green for Grenfell

Pensans School children organised and took part in a fundraising day last year to remember the families affected by the Grenfell Fire and will be doing the same again this year to support them. The children also wrote and sent messages to the children at Grenfell School to show their support.

This was reported on Westcountry News on Thursday 11th June where some representatives were lucky enough to get a tour of the lifeboat docked in Penzance. Our children spoke with confidence and passion and we were very proud of them. The money raised went towards giving some of the families a chance to experience some respite in Cornwall through Cornwall Hugs Grenfell Charity and take part in activities designed to give them a feeling of joy.

The fire service and lifeboat crew also took part in fund-raising and helping them when they arrive in Cornwall, as some of them have been firefighters traumatised by the events of that day. Our children have an immense sense of a wider responsibility to communities. Their support shows how they see that their lives are not remote but can have a hugely positive effect on others, wherever they may be.

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