Our new projects were launched in style at the beginning of the term. Phase 3 are investigating “Why Leave Earth?” and the arrival of a space dome allowed the children to interactively explore their knowledge of the planets. Phase 1 are using their imagination and finding out “What do you do with a good idea?” They had to use a box to create a fantastic new invention and present to the class. Phase 2 have their technology heads on this term exploring “What’s in a code?” They visited the Marconi museum to begin their project. They found out the importance of code when transmitting information and how our coastline is of international importance. The launch days inspire the children and start to raise questions in their minds that they will explore during the term. The classrooms also immerse them in the projects and promote independent learning through inspiring environments. If you are interested in supporting any of our projects or would like to see our school for yourself please contact the school on: 01736 363 627

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