Penzance’s Garden Angels!

Penzance Community Flora Group are a group of volunteers who’s aim is to beautify Penzance town. They apply for community grants and raise funds by organising events. Most of their budget is generated from the sales of their stunning hanging baskets, for several years this was the sole source of their funds of which the majority contributed came from the Causewayhead Traders.

These volunteers make no profit from their activities, they believe (and quite rightly so) that flowers, neat and tidy flowerbeds and public planting make Penzance a nicer place to live.

Recent projects have included the flowerbeds outside St Johns Hall, Abbey Slip and St Anthony’s Garden, all of which are looking fantastic.

The group are also responsible for the beautiful hanging baskets you see throughout the town; planned months in advance, planted in May and unleashed in June.

Volunteers are always welcome for the Flora group’s projects. Their plans are posted on their facebook page in advance so why not give them a like and a follow and keep an eye out for their upcoming events if you would like to get involved… they are always grateful for extra pairs of hands.

Penzance Community Flora Group is the perfect example of community spirit and shows what a positive difference a small group of people working together can make.

Thanks guys!… The Penwith Eye thinks you’re amazing!

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