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Summer 2018

How can we sound better together?

Phase 2 launch was a week-long music festival! They had the opportunity to listen to rock musicians, a flautist, a musical duo, a town band, a pianist and many more. What a way to start a project!

They learnt all about how an orchestra is arranged and the different instrument groups. The children then heard ‘Peter and the Wolf’, a wonderful tale told through the use of specific instruments in the orchestra.

They were inspired. They re-wrote the story, up levelling the language and use of punctuation. They also put their own instrumentation to the characters and learnt the skills involved in performing and critiquing their own oral retelling to ensure it was the best it could be.

They also used their poetry skills writing their own lyrics to the lilting Cornish song “Cornwall My Home’. They included all their own memories of growing up in Penzance, catching the nostalgia of feelings and emotions.

Alongside all this fantastic writing every single child in the phase was taught how to play an instrument and begin the process of reading music. The children had a choice of brass, ukulele or recorder. Each child had an instrument they could take home to practice and we were blown away by their commitment and progress over the project.

They also created a CD cover for the story of Peter and the Wolf which was used for their advertising and posters for the final outcome.

All of this culminated in the “Pensans Prom’. A fantastic celebration of everything the makes them ’…sound better together’.

It was such a joyous occasion to hear all their voices sing in unison, hear them play their instruments with pride and skill and watch their parents faces as they heard the retelling of their own version of the Peter and the wolf story; with instrumentation devised and performed by the children. What an evening!

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