Dive in and help warm up Jubilee Pool and regenerate the town of Penzance!

The deadline is 30TH SEPTEMBER 2018 for securing £350,000 of community funding to heat a section of the water to 35 degrees all year round using geothermal energy. A new indoor Café and a community space for activities, exercise and events will also be built.

Investment from local people and local businesses is needed to make this happen!

Geothermal energy from hot rocks deep below the pool will be used to create a unique all year-round local facility that will secure the pool’s future and be a game changer for our Penzance’s economy.

Businesses in hospitality, retail and the service sectors will all directly benefit from this project which makes Penzance a unique all year-round destination which will regenerate the town’s economy with an extended season creating more jobs for local people.

If the target of £350,000 of community fundraising isn’t reached by 30th SEPTEMBER 2018, the exciting project to heat a section of the water to 35 degrees all year round using geothermal energy WILL NOT HAPPEN. 

Investments (which start from as little as £20) mean that you will own a stake in Jubilee Pool and therefore have a say in it’s future. Every shareholder, however large or small their investment, gets one shareholder vote meaning that the community remains in control.

Every tax paying investor can get 30% of their investment set off against their income tax bill.

If you invest £5000 or more, you can set 50% of your investment against your tax liability.

If you invest £7500 or more you get the 50% tax break and earn 3% cumulative interest.

Businesses investing £300 or more will receive recognition as ‘Community Champions’ and will have a short profile on the Jubilee Pool’s website for the whole of 2019.

This is a community project and needs a community effort. If 5,500 local people invested just £20 each the target would be reached and this brilliant project would go ahead, securing the future of our much loved Jubilee Pool for generations to come.

Please invest in this fantastic project to ensure the future of our iconic lido and put Penzance on the map.

To invest go to; www.crowdfunder.co.uk/jubileepool

Please help to shape the future of Penzance and share this information with all you know and help spread the word!

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