Heart of the South

Heart of the South Care Agency is a care

agency dedicated to providing Support

Workers, Carers and Child Carers all over

Cornwall. As a company we have been

expanding and growing since 2001 and now

have two branches in Cornwall and Surrey.

What really sets us aside from the rest is our

passion. We wear the title of Support Worker

very proudly here and believe in empowering

our service users to have the best and most

fulfilling life possible. 


We pride ourselves on having a dedicated

passionate team that enjoys the work that

they do. As a company we ensure that all

our Support Workers are working in an

environment that they enjoy and enables

them to reach their full potential. We believe

in individual progression and not only have

an extensive array of training for each person,

but the opportunity for them to progress with

their own qualifications and future in care.

We believe in giving the right people their

opportunity to thrive in care whether it’s the

next step or even the first if you have that

passion and love for care; it’s as simple as



In care, there is only one goal. To provide the

highest quality of care possible, and to love

doing it. When it comes to our Service Users

every single member of the Heart of the South

team whether it office or support workers

have the same aims, the same goals, the same



Heart of the South Care Agency Ltd 

Phone; 01872 273559

66 Lemon St, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2PN


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