Ocean Pride Restoration Project

PZ 134 Ocean Pride is the only Newlyn built counter-stern lugger left in the country. Following many years of Service, she was taken to Rye Harbour, Sussex, where she lies today out of the water and deteriorating.

A number of ‘Likeminded’ individuals have come together to try and get her brought back to Newlyn and over time restore her to her former glory. This is going to be a very long process, with the first hurdle being to get her home. Once we have secured funding for the li s and transport, we hope to put the Ocean Pride in a purpose built restoration area at Sandy Cove, Newlyn.

Our project will be a community project, not just us, we hope that a number of local groups and individuals will support it and bene t from the knowledge learned and the satisfaction of helping protect what is a very unique artefact
in Newlyn’s history.

If you believe you can offer support or help fundraise please contact us at the Ocean Pride Restoration project


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