Baked Frittata with Cornish New Potatoes

A simple seasonal recipe that’s delicious hot or cold with a leafy salad

Wash 500g of Cornish early new potatoes, rubbing away any dirt & loose skin. ere’s no need to peel them. Cut them into slices, about the thickness of a pound coin.

Place into a small, shallow baking dish, about 15 x 25 cm. Toss the slices in some olive oil & bake in the oven, at 160C, for 20 minutes. Turn them occasionally. ey should be so but not getting brown. Add a few sliced spring onions to the potatoes & return to the oven for another 5 minutes. Whisk 4 eggs together with some salt & pepper, a tiny splash of water & some nely chopped parsley.

Pour the eggs over the cooked potatoes. For a special treat place a few sticks of chargrilled asparagus on top. Return to the oven for the nal time and bake for 10 minutes or until the eggs are just set. Cook’s tip… this is a great way to use up le over cooked potatoes – you just need to slice them & heat with the spring onions – your frittata will be ready even sooner!

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